Living Well

Living Well is a fantastic South London based charity that is so much more than a foodbank, with a range of service which aim to look after the whole person.

Living Well
April 20, 2023
Service Design


Personas and user journeys


Listening post surveys


Metrics (CES and CSAT)


As their guest base grew fast in size and demographic diversity, the team at Living Well wanted to clear view of guest needs and goals, in order to continue improving their offering. The team were also aware that they has a gap to fill with research, as they largely only received anecdotal qualitative feedback.

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My first goal was to help the team at Living Well identify and understand distinct profiles of guests. The second goal was to help make the team self-sufficient in collecting feedback from guests.

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We ran a series of workshops to create guest personas and journey map their current experience – from first becoming aware of Living Well to realizing long-term value. The mapping exercise generated ideas and identified gaps in knowledge, which could be filled with research. From there, the team implemented 3 simple surveys of new, short-term and long-term users.

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"We love working with Rob! From the very first conversation, he really understood our start-up needs and goals. We're super proud of the beautiful brand system we've created together, which has made our design process so much slicker!"

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Izzy Brown
Founder, Yovo

"The workshops we did with Rob were incredibly useful and resulted in so many ideas for enhancing the service we provide. Even better, we've set up systems for gathering guest feedback ourselves!"

Kate from Living Well
Kate Lott
Fundraising & Comms Manager, Living Well