What I do

I'm a full-service design designer. That means I can offer many flavours of design and join them seamlessly together to drive outcomes for you and the customer in questions.

Product Design
Service Design

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Product Design

Is your website or app doing what it should?

Sometimes "make the button bigger" isn't going to cut it. A great online experience that converts customers should balance removing friction with adding delight.

What's involved?
I'll want to understand how well the existing solution is performing. If there is one! When it comes to solutions, let's try to test early and often.

I can simply produce and test prototypes or embed fully in Product and engineering teams, as you need.
Do you Design System?

Design systems make managing digital touchpoints waaaay easier, because they use cascading core elements such as colours and a limited set of reusable components.
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Service Design

How does it feel to use your service?

It's a good idea to step into the shoes of your customer, and that's exactly what Service Design does. When we do unlock opportunities to improve.

How does it work?
I'll work with you to understand the current state of your service and design improvements which help you hit your goals.

Service Design takes account of the "backstage" actions involved in delivering your services; not just what the customer sees.
What are the benefits?
Service design isn't just about customer experience and revenue gains. It's great for identifying inefficient processes and realising cost savings as a result.
Some journey maps produced by Herd
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How should the world see you?

In a world where competitors can spin up businesses in weeks or even days, it's critically important to create and maintain a strong brand that customers will identify with.

When should we invest?
Investing in and maintaining a brand should be an ongoing thing.

Once you have a brand system, you have something that can be easily evolved.
What's involved?
It depends if we're starting from scratch or breathing new life into and established brand.

Either way, I'll bring it all together to in a highly useable brand system.
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Do you have a winning strategy?

It can be hard to find the time to focus on the big picture of what you are trying to achieve when the day to day running of your business demands so much!

What to we mean when we say Strategy?
Strategy is a set of choices you make in pursuit of a winning aspiration. Strategy isn't a plan to blindly follow.

Where should we play? How will we win? When you realise you have choices you can tweak strategy at any point.
How will I know if the new strategy is a winner?
Test it! Our chosen method for reviewing, generating and executing strategies has assumption testing baked into it.

Without investing much, we want to know if the ideas behind our new strategy ring true.
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Workshop facilitation

Struggling to co-ordinate the team?

Getting your people in the same room is just the start of it! I have lots of experience in guiding groups to think differently and make decisions effectively.

What are the major benefits
Once I understand your desired outputs and outcomes, I can take all the effort out for you.

We'll design a fun and engaging workshop for your team and then come along to deliver it, so that you can focus on participating.
What type of workshops can you provide?
Retrospectives and reviews are great for assessing where you are today. Brainstorming sessions can generate hundreds of ideas. Strategy-shaping helps leadership teams align on direction.
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