Ramble is a new review platform that makes giving feedback fun!

June 30, 2023
Product Design


As consumers, we all rely on reviews to make up our minds, but let's face it - Giving reviews isn't particularly fun or exciting, is it? Giving a positive review is something you should do, but don't, until that persistent plumber chased you 7 times. Ramble wants to make writing reviews something you enjoy and do often. Without overthinking it.

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Our approach

As with many of my projects, I considered brand as part and parcel of the product design. There would be no disconnect between the product and the proposition presented to consumers.

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It's early days for Ramble (join the waitlist for beta!👆) but what a start! We have designed and engineered an MVP product to test, with a look and feel that matches the fun and simplicity of the Ramble reviewer experience.

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"We love working with Rob! From the very first conversation, he really understood our start-up needs and goals. We're super proud of the beautiful brand system we've created together, which has made our design process so much slicker!"

Client avatar of Yovo founder
Izzy Brown
Founder, Yovo

"The workshops we did with Rob were incredibly useful and resulted in so many ideas for enhancing the service we provide. Even better, we've set up systems for gathering guest feedback ourselves!"

Kate from Living Well
Kate Lott
Fundraising & Comms Manager, Living Well