Skoot is a family-friendly travel and activity planning tool that uses AI to take the effort out of planning family adventures.

April 19, 2023
Product Design





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Skoot was created by me and my lovely wife Sam! The idea came while on a family holiday in Portugal, and while planning a day trip over the border to Seville, Spain. So many questions, so little time! What to see? Where to eat? Do-able in a day?? We had a great time, but it's a lot of Googling while being asked for yet another game of Top Trumps!

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We explored the capabilities of AI engine, Chat-GPT and began experimenting with prompts that would create itineraries, destination comparisons and activity recommendations; tailored to families with kids of different ages and needs.

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We created a fun and friendly brand identity for Skoot to frame the proposition for adventurous parents. This colourful execution uses simple geometric shapes to form the logo and an illustration set, which in turn compliments travel snaps of destinations. On the Skoot website, users are able to interact with AI assistant Skootbot in order to get suggestions in seconds. An average session time of over 2 minutes and a high user return rate were early indicators of the value Skoot provided - using new technology to take out steps to achieving outcomes.

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"We love working with Rob! From the very first conversation, he really understood our start-up needs and goals. We're super proud of the beautiful brand system we've created together, which has made our design process so much slicker!"

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"The workshops we did with Rob were incredibly useful and resulted in so many ideas for enhancing the service we provide. Even better, we've set up systems for gathering guest feedback ourselves!"

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